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Tuesday 9th August, 2016 – Garden Destruction Continues….

Today (Tue 9th Aug) ten or so partially-fit members of “Gateway Garden Murder Team” equipped with the latest destructive construction tools, under the watchful supervision of Mr. Graham Dunkley. Graham and his team of horticultural-haters were guarded by five, who came in the afternoon and carried out their destructive tasks, here to destroy what had not been eradicated the last time. It was a sad part of the day, and as Graham approached me, all the birds flew away. 
Fortunately, nobody was wearing a stupid smile that ‘CGMT‘ adorned last Tuesday, and that by itself was a great achievement for me and the garden. What an amazing dose of grandiose it would have given them. Graham is slowly improving with his communication skills, as today he was acting quite relatively normal, if not a little anxious. However, at the end he made a mess by taking his camera out and taking a picture of Lisa and with great excitement saying ” ……hahaa! Now I can prove that you broke the court order by asking someone to take a picture..”, and his face was glowing red. May I advise taking some tretinoins for the facial capillaries. You can find them in Rosacea products. I think he really made a fool of himself and even the police were surprised with his childish actions. I know he reads these posts and he is not going to like it. He told me himself that he looks at my Facebook all the time. I actually don’t mind that, I wished he sent me a friend request which I would happily accept. After Graham took another picture, other ‘CGMT‘ members also took their phones out and started taking pictures, which was actually fun. Graham also told me that I have lost a lot of weight, which is true. The shingles I have had floored me, brought on by the stress of this fight & plight. 
Unlike the last time, today they were taking the plants out carefully, and asked me for flower pots. This gives me chance to replant them, and was only a humble request last time, before they walked all over the plants and flowers, trampling them, with the grace of war-ready, fully-laden herd of elephants . Although what they were doing was in my opinion a criminal act, their attitude was very nice and friendly, and in a way they were saying, ‘…sorry but we have to do it.’
That was nice, and it made me happy. Remember exactly a week ago, they were acting like wild gorillas who had escaped from the zoo. If this change of attitude was because of shouting at them last week then it was worth it.
Then Gary deepened his voice and said, ‘Actually.. you are not allowed to take a picture’, and I told him to say it to the policeman next to him, and ask him to arrest me. ‘Yes I am disobeying the court order!’, I shouted. And to tell him to be quiet, I took several more photos of him and ‘CGMT‘, the policeman just ignored him. The police woman next to him also had no interest in his comments, and she ignored him as well which I thought was very sweet of her.
The neighbours were gathered on the balcony and they all looked very sad. They were expressing their dissatisfaction for what Gateway was doing but I asked them to be calm and let them do their job. After all, ‘see you next Tuesday’ appears to be a common trait of theirs.
After they left, I came inside and I am saying to the skies that this battle is just starting. Gateway will not have it so easy. I am not defeated. I rely on my lovely friends and the kind people of Preston to support my case against these cruel people who are running the Gateway. Gateway was supposed to be a non-profitable organisation run by tenants for tenants. In the last few years Gateway has become more and more secretive. There is a panel of people who were suppose to watch over Diane Bellinger (the Chief Executive, what a job!) but we don’t know anything about them, they never tell us what they do so something has to be changed even if it has cost me my freedom. 
The bad news is I am still not well, but perhaps much better than few days ago and I hope I’ll be on my feet in few days time. Ray and Lisa have been taking care of me.
And the Good News!… is my friend Harry Benny from Chanel Five Television called and said the documentary about me and garden will be shown on 30th of August (in 3 weeks time) and I know that will raise the cost for Gateway to destroy the rest of ceramic work on the walls and interior design of my flat, and should drum up some more support. Incidentally, I have my operation in the afternoon before this film will be broadcast and it will be fun to see it in a hospital bed. 
As long as Gateway Bosses do not tell me why they called my statues offensive and destroy it, and why they destroy half of the garden, and intend to rip out my internal walls of decoration, when all the neighbours and everyone who has been in my home loved it, I will not rest. Promises that do not turn to rust, unlike the meagre faces of Gateway bosses.








Thanks guys. 5,750 people have signed the petition so far. I feel so honoured and so humbled with so much support. Since yesterday I have received so many lovely letters that were emails and comments. Here is two of them which made me so happy. Please note: It is a court order that prohibits any demonstration or photographing Gateway personnel. More than anything, I want to know one thing, what type of joy the directors of Gateway will receive when they see this communal garden has been flattened, and all the art work inside the house has been destroyed. I want to know why my statutes in the garden have to be demolished because Gateway think they are so offensive and so indecent?! Don’t forget the garden party, weather permitting!



BREACHES: Jam Imani Rad in the garden he has cultivated in
Harrington Street, Preston

Petition launched…..as jail time

join in last-minute call to landlord


catherine.rnusgrove@jpress.co. @CMUSGROVE85

MORE than 2,800 people have signed a petition to stop a
pensioner going to jail over unauthorised home and garden work.

Last month Jam Imani Rad. 66, was given a suspended five
month prison sentence for breaching an interim court order forbidding him to
develop land belonging to Community Gateway Association (CGA) at Harrington
Street. Preston.

The landlord gave retrospective permission for unauthorised
gardening work three times, but last year demanded the removal of a swing
attached to an RSJ. statues deemed offensive by a neighbour and unsafe
electrical work. The former teacher was told he must remove these items and
internal mosaic work by July 18, or the prison sentence will be invoked.

Mr Rad claims he’d rather go to prison than destroy his

As the date nears. thousands of people have signed a
petition calling on Gateway to allow the work to stay – even though the matter
is now legally-binding.

Organiser Jacqueline Charlesworth said: “Please sign
this petition, and at the same time perhaps you could contact Gateway by
telephone or email, and tell them to stop being so cruel and leave my friend
Jam in peace. He isn’t doing anything bad to anybody and his neighbours

CGA presented evidence to say neighbours have complained
about some work, and a judge agreed health and safety concerns were justified.

Mr Rad said friends were now helping to organise a farewell
party for the garden on Sunday July 17.

He said: “We want to celebrate the beauty of the plants
and say good bye to them. We will have some musicians and I hope to turn a sad
event to a joyful memory. I don’t wish any protests or demonstrations, but a
peaceful and happy meeting of like-minded people.

I want Gateway people to remember what I said in the court.
I am happy and proud for what I did.”



Please click on the following link to see our support page petition –