Court Diary

The First Day in Court

Finally after two years, the day has arrived. From the 13th to the 15th of June, regardless of the court’s outcome, this will probably be the best 3 days of my life. For two years Gateway have ignored my complaints and arrogantly treated me worthless.

The judge allowed a representative of Gateway to come forward and she could not act like she didn’t hear the issues I had brought up. She had to clearly and accurately answer all of my questions. With every question I felt a little bit better and lighter. If I had claimed that it was like a therapy then I have not exaggerated. This wasn’t for revenge but more so me selfishly restoring my dignity. In one stage I even started to begin feeling sympathy for Lisa and I thought I should stop asking her any more
questions but thankfully this strange feeling disappeared after a few minutes, and I decided to ask her all the questions that I had in my mind.

The judge was really cool. I liked him from the first moment that he turned up. I couldn’t figure out why he is wearing a wig and in that moment he probably could read my mind and he start to explain why he is wearing a wig which was very unusual and I did not understand it anyway. He was like a guy that I like to go out for a pint with. He wanted no mumbo jumbo in his courtroom.

Ron also came with me. He is such a good friend and at nearly eighty years old he is as sharp minded as I was twenty years ago. Me and Ron have agreed that when I don’t behave as I should in court, he would give me a signal with his feet but luckily it was not necessary and everything has gone well.

OK, that was an update on everything that has happened today. I feel shattered but still I have to read a lot of papers that their solicitor has given me this afternoon. About their solicitor; before the court he has asked me if we can come to some sort of an arrangement, I could only laugh at them and did not bother to tell them that ‘the world will freeze over before I give up’. This isn’t about an argument but more about principles and values.

Thank you for your time and for all your support. I will write to you more tomorrow.

                                                            o O o


Second Day in Court

The second best day in my life! I could finally say it out loud,
‘What do you want from me? Leave me in peace!’ The judge asked if I confessed
that I had promised Gateway I would not extend the garden, over two years ago. But
my garden is now twice as big as two years ago. I said of course I am aware of
but this, it was a reaction to what they have put me through. If I had sat
silently and had not protested, I would have gone insane. This should not be
seen as a breach of contract, but as a civilized way to scream and protest.

I complained to Gateway for some wrong doing, that in my
opinion was happening at Management level. I guess my criticisms were not
exactly what some of Gateway directors wanted to hear and as a result I was
excluded from a Community Focus Group, whose job was to have an eye on what was
happening in Gateway.

Regardless of the result and outcome, it is such a joy when you can bring out all the hidden anger and frustration and just breathe! Today I came out of court really emotional and exhausted, but I took a deep breath and I said thank you. I don’t know to whom I said it but I just said it and it felt good! I am sure the plants & flowers are feeling the same.

The judge was a good man. He was very patient and forgiving.
I criticised Lisa Heyes for reporting that I was watering the flowers when that
is irrelevant to the case. But Lisa said she does not remember writing such a
thing. So the judge asked me to show it to the court. I confidently said it is
in that report but it wasn’t, then I said it must be in the other report and again
it wasn’t. Well very embarrassing for me. The judge even gave 15 minutes break to
find it, it just made me more uncomfortable. and since I got home I am
searching for it and I cannot find it. Next to me is Ray and he is also looking
through all these documents but with no luck. Their avadavat clearly states I
was laying turf, and of course I watered it afterwards.

The poor judge was not very well today. No wonder, if I also
pick up so much negativity every day, and have to read so much s**t in people’s
statements, I guess I would not live to get old. Any way this guy was kind of
OK. I told him in the court that yesterday I regret not to have studied Law to
be a judge, but today I am glad that I have not done it and he laughed at that

As almighty God in heaven and all the people in Gateway know, I don’t like Ms Joanne. I cannot
hide it. She does all the thinking for Lisa (I hope is not an insult to Lisa), in other words she kindly make the life easier for Lisa by showing her the difference between the right and wrong, so she does not have to go through theprocess of thinking for herself. She was the only one who was spreading negative vibrations in the court room, (in my humble opinion) otherwise everyone else was nice and relaxed. I think she may have been watching too many episodes of Judge Judy and perhaps should chill out to a little Perry Mason, or even Sherlock Holmes. Elementary, my dear Joanne. Even the Solicitor of Gateway, Mr Pearson was nice and friendly as well, it has been a real positive experience after I wrongly assumed that the Gateway staff would be disagreeable and as caustic as they have been to me directly, but in the court setting they were nice as pie.

When me and Ron went and sat on our relevant court seats, Mr Pearson came and said if we can move a bit further from him, but the childinside me immediately said to him, ‘You move further if you want!’ I guess he wasn’t waiting for such an answer, and I draw a line on the table and said, ‘…this is your border and this is ours…’. Poor Mr Pearson did not know how to deal with my inner child! Ron changed his seat and I obviously agreed to pull back and act more mature.

The funniest part of the court was the court secretary. She looked about 30, slim, no makeup and looking totally bored with zero facial expressions, no signs of any emotion and a little bit scary looking. The theme music to The Adams Family raced through my mind. But if you wait for break time and she locks the court room, suddenly everything changes and she turns on abig smile and her robotic movement turns to somebody attending a rave. Me and Ron (more me because Ron is married) asked her if we can invite her for drink sometime. She said, ‘…no thank you…’.  She isn’t allowed to go for a drink whilst attending court, and I suggested to the honourable Judge that he increases his secretary’s salary and he smiled.

Tomorrow is the final day. Catherine from Evening Post said she is coming to the court. That means it is going to be a great day. Catherineis my saviour. She is kind but impartial, what I call professional. Every time I see her face, It brings a smile to mine.

In my final speech in court I want to ask, ‘ What joy Gateway will receive by destroying this garden? Has it received any complaint from anybody ever?’ The only complaint Gateway ever received was based on the complaint of Ms Cuerden (the respectable alcoholic lady) who the judge said he has seen a video, with Ms Cuerden in it, working on the garden herself and kindly helping to weed it.

So the question is, ‘Why should this beautiful piece of natural art, which does not cost a penny for Gateway, be destroyed and returned to waste land?’ Preston is my home, I know Gateway can claim that I have breached the tenancy agreement and be evicted from my home, but I will not regret for one single second for what I did. If the time goes back I will do exactly the same thing.

Before one can say what I did was a breach of contract or not, it must be cleared of what state of mind I was in at the time I expanded my garden. If the judge believes in that time Gateway was treating me like a…. then whatever I did could not be translated as a well planed act of evil.
It must be taken as a childish reaction which brought good in the end, and the eviction was quashed.

But guys, whatever happens, it will be good. Ron was saying on the way home that if I don’t compromise with them I may end up in Jail. Ha ha ha! He does not know me. Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and many great leaders spent time in prison (not claiming that I am also someone especial).
Maybe after all this s**t with Gateway I do need to go to Prison to just cool down. It would be a great experience. Anyway back to the story as Ray has stopped looking for the document with watering flowers I have to stop as well. Lastthing I said today in court, was; if the Gateway get permission to destroy anypart of the garden, even if it is a single plant, then I will not step foot in
this garden and Gateway can destroy it completely as they see fit. But if theywant to keep it they have to hire a full time Gardner. I just talk to someneighbours and told them about my decision. They also as solidarity said; the would also not step in the garden without me, so the story gets more interesting by day.

Any way have a good night folks, I must go back to my searchfor Watering the plants! As always, from the bottom of my heart thank you for all your support. Your kind words have kept me going through this ordeal, and I know for a fact that some of your comments have been read by the court clerks.

                                                            o O o

Third Day in Court…

Shit, shit, shit. Apologies for being rude, but certain words cannot be replaced, and they are made to describe certain situations. The third day in court was one of those special occasions!

The last thing the judge said to me before the end of the third day was, ‘Mr Rad, I will announce my decision on Friday 17th of June at 10:00 am, and make sure you do not come with your own car as the outcome might be stressful for you.’ I asked him if this is because I will be taken straight to prison from here, and he replied I can be imprisoned up to two years breaching
the orders and agreements seven times, but he has not decided so far.

On two occasions, I could not stand the rubbish Mr Pearson, (Gateway’s Solicitor) was talking. At one stage, I said to the judge, ‘I am guilty and I confess to every accusation he is making against me, but please can we bring an end to this session as I cannot take it anymore.’ The judge
could feel I was under stress and he suggested we all take a break.

What annoyed me at most was not what this solicitor wassaying, (which I could not understand half of) but the way he was saying it. He was trying very hard to imitate the way the judge spoke. And because it was not his own style, he couldn’t perform it that well. Like a cheap B-movie actor on stage who had not taken part in anything that spectacular. I even said this to the judge, that I felt stressed when Mr Pearson imitated the judge, and the judge replied that this is how they talk in court, because later it has been recorded on paper and tapes to make it easier to understand. I think he only said it to be nice to Mr. Pearson.

I agree with Ron that the Judge was kind and patient to me, even though yesterday I did not like him that much. However after the break Mr. Pearson came back but this time he was talking like Perry Mason who had just had a brief encounter with Poirot. He was again another person . I did not know whether I should laugh or cry, so decided to buy some chrysanthemums next time
I’m at Dobbies.

In the court room I told him he should stop putting his nose into my Facebook page. If he is reading this now, I warn him to get lost and concentrate on his own life.

The first two days was little bit exciting, but yesterday was a bit boring. They brought the Kevin and Lisa and Andy to the box, and I was supposed to cross examine them but these were the guys I really liked and I didn’t really know what I should ask them. Except what these guys do not
realise, is they have already opened a Pandora’s Box within the plethora of consciousness a garden truly yields.

The hardest part came at the end when the judge was discussing how the garden should be destroyed. He could not feel the pressure I was feeling at that time. I prayed for a beanstalk to appear in the courtroom, but this was quickly dispersed by a whack of the judge’s hammer. I get very emotional, and the plants and flowers are like children to me. I feel very responsible for them, and this added to the pressure.

But then it was my turn. I told the judge I refused to destroy the garden myself for two reasons. Firstly, because physically I am not fit enough to do it, and secondly I am not rich enough to hire someone do it for me. But if I was fit and rich I still would not destroy it, as that would
have been against my principles and morals.

I asked the judge if the court can force me to do the things I don’t want to do, and he said yes. Then I asked him if he can for instance force me to go on top of table and dance, he said if it has something to do with the case he is in the court for, he has the power to order me to stand on
top of the tables and perform a dance. You know guys, in that moment I thought how wonderful would be if we all stand up and go on top of tables (including the judge and court room clerk) and hold each other’s hand and dance and then give each other a hug and go to the nearest pub and have a pint.

I wanted to actually suggest this to the judge, but again changed my mind.

Anyway the best part of it was when I said to the Gateway that if they destroy a single plant or flower, I will not step foot in the garden again. Which means Gateway has to look after whatever remains. Then Gateway wanted the judge to force me to destroy it, but I told him in such case I will disobey his order and happily go to prison. The reason Gateway wants me to do it is because they know my CCTV will record this crime of wanton destruction, and the public will not forgive them.

I said it to Ashley my neighbour that soon our garden will be gone. She cried and was heartbroken. I just think one has to be really sick to have to want to destroy something so beautiful.

Having said that, they were not stupid. They said you can maintain the garden until we go to court again. Then their gardening team stopped cutting the grass and they said this is your area to maintain. Then in the court they criticise me for putting bamboo sticks in the garden to protect it.

Lisa said a lie which was not very nice of her. I asked her why you wrote me that we come and we demolish the garden on this day and then nothing happened. If you had done it that way, we wouldn’t be here today. She said our lawyer suggested we wait till the case goes to court. Maybe this wastrue but she did not say anything about the other 9 times that she send some people to visit me and they said they come tomorrow or day after and take the statues down or demolish the garden and they never did. One of the main complaints I made against Gateway was exactly this.

I had no knowledge how the case should have been prepared and they took advantage from it. I don’t really care. This would be next story.

The third day in court was not pleasant and funny but it was such a good feeling to go to the court without fear and insult and protect your right and dignity. My British friends take it for granted. This is the flower of democracy. All together was a good experience or let’s say it could be worth.

The judge suggested I come with solicitor on Friday but I can’t be bother. I tried it hard but couldn’t find any. It was nice that he suggested but it stressed me out.

Today is Thursday 16th and this might be the last 15 hoursof my freedom.

Remember, you will not be in prison, prison be inside you.

Thanks for reading. I still don’t understand what perverse kind of joy Gateway feels by destroying my garden. I really think anybody who wishes to destroy our beautiful garden, which is our pride and joy must be taken to psychiatrist for a check-up from the neck-up.

So, Hug, kiss and so long

                                                      o O o

Day Four in court.

Final Day. DOOMSDAY روز قیامت. روز نتیجه دادگاه 
This is the report on my Final day in court. First let me introduce the players…

PART I (Introduction… British Judicial System)
An excellent display of the British Independent Judicial System in Democracy. It was a very tiring day but also very heart-warming for me, when your life is affected by the outcome of the court. This was a unique experience for me. My English friends probably don’t understand how lucky they are to have this British constitution, it truly is a beautiful thing. They also perhaps sometimes feel that justice isn’t always granted. I felt physically tired and I kindly requested a break from the honourable judge a few times, of which was always granted, and I felt so safe and secure within my equal human-rights. When the court was finished, I felt like it had gone the best it could have, and as I have always said, I always remember a beautiful quote from Winston Churchill, who once said, “All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honour, duty, mercy, hope.”

Unlike the dark days from Iran, there was no execution clerk at the back of the court, and no torture chamber awaiting me like previous court settings with me working as a reporter, reporting the truth. There were no scared people waiting for a court decision, or a crying mother with hands towards the skies, that they may receive help from God! Pure British Justice. I truly enjoyed being immersed in its fabric. The surprising comment from the Judge was, if you give me an inch I would take a mile. He does not know me well enough, as if it means helping others, or watering a flower, I would take a thousand miles. That did hurt me a little bit.

PART II (The Judge)
He is actually called; Recorder Wells. A recorder is a higher title for a Judge, so that is why he wears a wig, and that is why we should have addressed him in Court as ‘Your honour’. When you get invited into the ‘dock’, you are actually ‘docking your body-vessel’, and are being invited onto the ‘deck of the ship’, this is my understanding of this beautiful Admiral Law. Usually, if he wasn’t wearing a wig, then he would have passed his findings to another three judges to decide. In this case, he made the decision himself. He was probably about 30 but looking closer to 60, I am sure the Judges age quicker than other people.
I wish instead of armaments and English Tanks, we could export some of this judges to Iran. That is what we need over there. Today I felt so sad for my Iranian friends, who are still in prison in Iran and probably they have to stay till the end of their lives. I am not a stupid optimist who has a rose-tinted glasses on. Of course there are questionable decisions made in this system as well, but not as much as a person on my level can ever feel. The County Court in Blackpool is located near the sea. When on the lunch break, I went near the beach for a walk, I just opened my arms and scream in the wind, ‘I Love You Democracy!’ If King Canute would have been on a stroll on the golden mile, he would have laughed.
Recorder Wells was really kind and patient. No other recorder (Judge) would had allowed me to stay in his court room. Today I had a feeling that he understood me, during the last four days. I also began to understand him a little better too. 
I felt that he had treated me with respect and dignity, but not just me. He treated Lisa and Kevin also with respect. I think we all liked him really.
I think every judge learns to detect lies and dishonesty, it is of course inherent in their roles as deliverers of justice, and I guess once you are honest with them, they try to help you. His impartiality was delivered with true professionalism. In my opinion a good judge is 80% a judge and 20% mediator, and that is what this guy was today. After court I wanted to ask him to go for a beer, but I thought he most probably say no as he is not allowed and he did look exhausted at the end.
PART III (The Solicitor)
Oh my God, this man would make a good, mediocre comedian. He’d probably do well on the stand-up circuit, for a few weeks. Today, a few things came to my mind. One was to quietly take my mobile out and film this guy, it could go viral. He reminded me of that very dry-witted Jack Dee stand-up comedian, but a Jack Dee who has just left his house for a gig after his wife just burnt his chips, to arrive at the venue to find he was double-booked with a Rod Hull & Emu tribute act, to then come to a simple arrangement of working together, aptly taking the role of the stuffed bird. He is certainly the most boring and at the same time the most annoying solicitor in the country. The way he was talking was so irritating that I got a short-circuit, and lost control a little whilst beginning to shout. I confessed, I did everything he says I have, and I plead guilty to all the charges, please let me have the maximum possible penalty of two years imprisonment, but please tell this guy to be quiet I am sick of hearing his droning and whining tones. The Judge was patient with me, I think he could feel how I am feeling. He asked me to sit down and take a deep breath. Two minutes later I discovered I can put my fingers in my ears and not hear his voice anymore. The Judge asked me to calm down, but I couldn’t hear him with my fingers in my ears. Ron nudged me and then I sat down.
I must say he wasn’t a bad guy. Best thing about him was his smile. He always smiled even when I upset him. A bit like the smile of Peter Sellers in Inspector Clouseau. I think next time I see him I may apologise for my behaviour. I can never be a friend with this guy, but as I told him, I will make sure he has a steady income with Gateway. In other words, I don’t see any sign of ‘peace-pigeons’ on the horizon. My battle with Gateway is just starting and the only person benefits from it will be Inspector Clouseau.

PART IV (Ms Joanne McCabe)
Today for the first time, in the green room, Joanne came over and looked into my eyes, and stated, ‘You are very childish…’. She was au-natural today and not a lot of ‘make-up’. After throwing me such an outlandish insult, she hunched her slightly padded shoulders towards the clouds, and before I was given a chance to reply she’d absolutely commanded any of my airspace with a pivot of her heels. I asked myself why she is like this with me, and then I looked at Lisa Heyes who was standing next to her, and in that moment I realised that perhaps it was my fault she doesn’t like me, because I always gave compliments to Lisa her colleague, and I always criticised Joanne, so maybe it was a kind of professional-rivalry between them. I always try to treat them equally, and in future I will try and make a bigger compliment or to embarrass her with love.

PART V (The verdict)
The Judge accepted my apologies for using any foul and impolite language, in any correspondence with Gateway. He also accepted my apologies for breaching the court injunction five times. He said it was a serious thing, and I must face the consequences of which I agreed. Then he asked me what I thought a fair punishment was for myself. I replied that the best outcome would have been a death penalty by firing squad, but since we don’t have such a punishment here then a maximum penalty of two-years seems fair, and I meant it.
The Judge felt sorry for me, and he said if I flattened half the garden, removed the statutes and removed the waterfall, and all the ceramic work inside and partly outside, on the walls, then I can have until 18th of July 2016 to complete the work by. He will not punish me and I can be free, or Gateway will do it and charge me for it, and I go to prison for up to five months.
I thanked the Judge for his mercy and compassion, but ensured him that I will not obey his orders and begged him to send me right away to prison and in my absence Gateway can go and flatten the garden. I told him I cannot bear seeing years of work being destroyed and flattened, the plants and flowers killed, therefore it would be better if when Gateway and their plant & flowers murder team come to the garden, I am out of the way in prison. 
Until two weeks ago, Gateway was saying we never asked Mr Rad to destroy, demolish or flatten any part of his garden, but now their game of Cluedo has come to an end. It was Gateway, with the shears, in the garden, or at least this is what is potentially going to happen to my beloved plants and flowers. Anyway, I told the Judge that with all the respect I have for him, I am very sure that I will never do such a thing, and it is better than he does not wait for a month and imprison me now.
I guess he does not get many people who beg him to be sent to prison, but I also wanted to show to Gateway that when man stands up for the principles he believes, then going to Prison is the least he can do.
I told the Judge that if he thinks I would be a different person when I came out of prison he is very wrong. I would be just more determined in the values I believed in with my life.
Before he issued the court order I told him, ‘Your honour, if the clock could go back and it was ten years ago, I would have done exactly same thing. I know I have done many mistakes but I am proud of what I have done.’
PART VI (The End)

From now to 18th July 2016 every Sunday afternoon there will be open house. Come and see our communal garden before they come and destroy it. We will hopefully have some music on Sunday, feel free to drop by




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