Dear Friends, I had to remove some of the articles and pages for time being by court order. Next court session is probably in the middle of May 2016 or a bit later. Until then me and Ron decided to keep the things quiet. Let us wait and see what the judge says. I am proud of what I have done. I don’t think I deserved all these brutality and meanness from Gateway. I just wanted to make our city a bit prettier and turn a waste land to a nice garden.

I don’t believe in any organised religion but there is a verse in Bible (John 8:32) that I really like and have written it above my bed. It says: “And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”. I am an optimist person and I strongly believe at the end, despite of all these dark clouds, sun will shine again and my garden will exist even long after I am gone. It will inspire people and it will bring smile to their lips.


Jam Imani Rad, 65, is involved in a legal dispute with landlord Community Gateway Association (CGA) after carrying out landscaping work on communal land outside his flat in Harrington Street.

CGA say he was not given permission to carry out the work and he has refused to remove some feat u res they deem to pose safety concerns.

Mr. Rad was asked to sign a promise over his behaviour before a three-day  trial is held in May, which included not making any further alterations to CGA land and not engaging in conduct likely to cause harassment, distress or alarm to their staff. WA argued the content of a website recently set up by Mr Rad as an “older person’s forum’ for Gateway tenants, would breach the clause if it remained online. They requested that it was taken down entirely until the trial has finished.

Mr Rad argued: “No, this website is not just for me. There are at least II or 12 other people involved and if I did that, they would set up another website within five minutes.”

As a compromise, he agreed to take down parts of the web-site CGA disagree with.

He told Deputy District Judge Wilson: “I will agree, but I’m not happy.”

PROMISE: Jam Imani Rad.

Due to the court case on 22 March, this website is all about Garden story but soon it will change. Please be patient
 Created by Gateway Tenants, for Gateway Tenants.

Hello and welcome friends, I would like to say just a few words. United together, Gateway will find it difficult to keep us down. So if you have something to say, feel free to send it to us and we publish it here. There are 7000 Gateway houses in Lancashire and at least twice the number of people living in those houses. If we stick together independently, hopefully Gateway will treat us nicer and with more respect. This website can also serve other purposes, such as swapping flats or selling what you don’t need. Congratulating a new born baby or condolences when someone dies. Looking for or offering a job and finding people with same interests or like mind as yourself. Of course our services will be free. Here we will aim to deal and help with complaints about Gateway.

So we formed a self help group that everyone can contribute to it with equal right. At the moment we are not many but soon when this website becomes known, I guess more people will join us. Myself (Jam) who lives in 55 Harrington Street PR1 7BN (opposite University Library) admin this website and take all the legal responsibilities for it. If you feel you have been treated unfairly and unjust by Gateway then please join us, we would like to hear from you. For contact details please go to contacts.

The true voice of the people who live in one of the 7000 residents of Gateway. Community Gateway Association (also known as CGA or Gateway for short) is a not-for-profit community business, set up to meet the housing needs of people in Preston and the surrounding areas. CGA is about creating friendly communities, where people want to live. 

Gateway claims their mission is to:

Improving homes and neighbourhoods.
Providing tenancy advice and support.
Helping people to find suitable housing for their needs.
Tackling anti-social behaviour and the causes of it.
Working with local communities to build individuals’ skills, knowledge and confidence.
Collecting rents and other charges.
CGA makes sure tenants influence what happens to their homes and neighbourhoods, and the services it provides.
Local people are represented on our Board, on the Gateway Tenants’ Committee, in service action groups and through ongoing, direct contact with staff and other residents.
CGA is committed to promoting equality in everything it does – as an employer, a landlord and a community business. Giving people an equal chance to contribute towards Gateway’s work, and influence the business, is important to the success of the association. CGA recognises and values the wide range of skills, experiences and talents within our membership and workforce.