Joan of Arc Catherine small copy  A brave journalist of Preston known as Joan of Arc

Our heart goes to Catherine Musgrove, the brave and beautiful journalist of LEP who brought light to our story and public attention. Without this adorable Lady, our garden would have been destroyed long time ago. She is an real asset to the LEP and also to the people of Preston; may she be blessed with long life and health and may her pen turn into a sword in battle against injustice and cruelty.

We thank the LEP for all their help and wonderful journalism.


Lancashire Evening Post ( 2015)

 17 March 16 LEP


Lancashire Evening Post (17 March 2016) 

By CATHERINE MUSGROVE Two pensioners have set up a new online forum for tenants of  Preston’s Community Gateway Association. The site ” ” is the brainchild of  Ron Entwistle and Jam Imani Rad, who want to offer residents of  7.000 other Community Gateway Association (CGA) properties a place to discuss issues with their homes as well as sharing news and a ‘buy and sell’ section. They claim it is in response to being denied an official older peoples forum by housing association bosses, something Ron has been calling for four years.

Ron. 79. who lives in Sunning dale, Broughton. said: “This website is important to us. Someone has to stand up and be counted. “It’s a self-help group for the residents. We’ve been asking for an elderly people’s forum for a long time and we’ve been refused. “So if they’re not going to allow us to have one, we’ll do one ourselves online. “It’s the first of  its kind as far as I know and it’s completely independent of Gateway. “We’ll see how it goes and see if the word gets spread. If  it really gets going then I’ll look for someone younger to take over.”
A spokesman for CGA said the housing association would not comment on the forum, as it formed part of ongoing legal proceedings with a customer. CGA are currently involved in a court case against Mr. Imani Rad, who they claim has made alterations to a communal garden outside his home in Harrington Street without their permission. He says he spent £5,000 on the project as he wanted to set a good example for other pensioners and improve the city. He has refused CGA’s request to remove some items from the garden, including statues and lights, which they claim pose health and safety concerns. Mr. Rad and Mr. Entwistle meet after the story about the garden was featured in the Evening Post and made headlines nationally.



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